Benefits for Children

Using leading research in neuroscience CalmBrain works effectively on the brain as a whole.
Focuses on brain integration, calming the lower areas of the brain which is where stress, anxiety and mental health are rooted.
The lower brain encourages children to be at ease with themselves, to be calm, reflexive, relaxed, contemplative …
… and allows the higher mind to open and respond to learning and experience.
Helps children thrive and flourish by using repetitive rhythmic patterns of movement.
Regular use of CalmBrain® results in children who are better able to regulate their physical, emotional and mental stress response.

Benefits for Teachers

Enables schools to manage emotional wellbeing without external expertise significantly reducing mental health costs.
Reduces costs with included Social and emotional awareness teacher training with the CalmBrain Clinic.
Significantly lowers stress in teachers, reducing burnout.
Aids progression in becoming a trauma informed school.
CalmBrain can be used with absolute ease at any point during the school day and matched to a specific classroom’s needs through the simple Jukebox Dashboard
Regular use of CalmBrain results in a purposeful learning environment.

CalmBrain System

Anatomy of a CalmBrain Movement

Central to CalmBrain are the scientifically researched Movements, which are designed to assist with healthy brain functioning and emotional wellbeing.

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The Jukebox

Provides developmentally sensitive movements based on Positive Emotions, CalmBrain Phase, or Prescription.

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The Assessments

Understand your pupils better and how to work with them through the Screening, Group, and Individual Assessments.

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Training & Reporting

Increase your understanding on how your pupils’ develop emotionally, and the specific areas where your class or child need a helping hand.

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What People Think

"Pupils and children complete the ‘calm brain’ activities at least three times a day ... This helps them to refocus their minds after breaktime and lunchtime, for example. As a result, the school is a calm and very purposeful learning environment. Pupils are focused and ready to learn after playtime and for the whole day, including late afternoon. This strategy has also improved pupils’ behaviour."

OFSTED School Inspection, February 2019

... the impact of this has been positive. The staff have found the system extremely easy to utilise and navigate. The pupils clearly enjoy their sessions and are fully engaged. The atmosphere within the school is calm, purposeful and respectful

"There has been a noticeable change in the demeanour and levels of anxiety exhibited by those children who have emotional needs"

Mrs Caroline Hawkins, Headteacher, St. Peter’s CofE Primary School

"It helps your brain cool down." Jessica

"It makes me feel happy, like there are beautiful things in my heart." Angelina

"Our brains get busy. We need to get calm." Hibba

"It makes my exploding brain magnetise back together like it was before. Then I can think nice and slowly." Armaan

"It makes me feel happy, I feel really calm." Alisha

Dr. Sarah Taylor, Creator of CalmBrain
"I created CalmBrain® to improve mental health and wellbeing in all children"
Dr. Sarah Taylor
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Creator of CalmBrain

Dr. Sarah Taylor is the creator of CalmBrain®. Sarah is a Clinical Psychologist, with wide ranging experience across a number of areas of clinical practice. This has built on the early years of her career where she was a Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher in primary and special needs education establishments.

Sarah has spent several years extensively researching the combined roles that science, psychology, and physical reflexes have on mental health.

This was borne of a desire to identify the causes behind a well publicised fact that an increasing number of children today experience anxiety, depression and difficulty attending, co-operating and controlling behaviour at school and in the home.

The Development of the CalmBrain® Approach

There is a need for a solution that is more sensitively attuned to a child or adult’s psychological needs.

It is Sarah’s conclusion that a large proportion of individuals will not noticeably benefit from talking therapies. Due to the stresses and pressure of modern life, most children (in particular) do not have fundamental behavioural problems; rather these are often symptoms of the reality that children need to emotionally regulate but do not know how.

Sarah created an approach and assessment programme to meet this challenge, that in design would provide an easily accessible psychological intervention that can be used by, and benefit everyone that uses it.

Sarah is very well supported by the CalmBrain team who have brought her research and this vision to life.

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