Welcome to The CalmBrain Approach

By Dr. Sarah Taylor

Scientifically backed intervention for children with trackable improvements in emotional wellbeing, learning and behaviour

What Is CalmBrain?

Scientifically researched videos of developmentally sensitive movements that produce a specific outcome.
Easy to complete assessment to create a targeted programme for your class or group.
A highly targeted programme for children who need a deeper psychological intervention.
Comprehensive reporting to track the progress of a child, group or class.

Why Use CalmBrain?

CalmBrain is Simple

Use In Any Space
Movements can be performed in any size room with internet
Very Easy to Use
Get started immediately with intuitive, simple to use Web-based software
Takes a Couple of Minutes
Get the individual, group or class calm and ready to learn in 2-3 minutes
Accessible Psychological Resource
All videos, assessments and progress reporting accessed online

CalmBrain Helps Teachers and Caregivers

Cost Effective
A powerful psychological intervention delivered without associated high costs
No Outside Expertise Required
The software manages a complex programme that does the hard work for you
Reduces Stress in Teachers
A calmer environment helps teachers to be more effective
Minimal Impact on Teachers
The demand on teachers’ time and effort to implement is negligible

CalmBrain Improves Emotional Stability

Improves Behaviour
Emotional stability enables children to better manage their feelings
Highlights Children with Difficulties
Provides an individual programme to support specific individuals
Improves Emotional Wellbeing
The science brings together mind, body and emotions
Improves Learning, Attention, Cooperation
Helps get the best out of children in the classroom and home environment

CalmBrain Helps Manage Mental Health

Appropriate for All Children
Of benefit to all children; no stigma attached for children with greater need
Better Understanding of Children
Increases knowledge and awareness of issues children may encounter
Targeted Psychological Intervention
Assessments address specific areas requiring focus
Reporting Suite Measures Progress
Evidences development of an individual or group over time

Who Is CalmBrain For?

CalmBrain is a psychological intervention and physical-oriented methodology which tunes in to the body’s innate drive to regulate neuropsychological disruptions that have been developed through a child’s development. It aims to help the brain re-live essential developmental experiences below the level of cognition and narrative, areas in the brain that shape and dictate self-esteem and emotional regulation. To this end, CalmBrain is designed to be easily used in the following settings:

Primary Schools
Foster Carers
Children's Homes
CAMHS Referrals
Parents at Home

How CalmBrain Works

Get Started Immediately: Jukebox

1. Pick a mood.

CalmBrain offers a set of movement videos grouped by 'mood'. Is the class or individual a bit too excitable? Select 'Serentiy'. Do you want to raise the energy in the room? Select 'Amusement'.

Each of the moods represented - Serenity, Joy, Inspiration, Amusement and Interest - have a brief introduction to help you get more detail if you need it.

Need to get straight into it? Simply click on the mood box.

2. Pick a movement.

Next you are presented with a selection of movement videos that will deliver the mood you requested. Each link shows a very brief summary of that movement, including if it is sitting or standing, and how difficult it is.

If you don't want to worry about this detail, you don't have to. Just click on a video link and be confident that it is suitable for your individual or class.

3. Play the video.

If you're pushed for time, know the science behind the video already or simply want to read up on it later, you can hit play and switch to full-screen. The video will play. About 2 or 3 minutes later your individual, group or class is ready to learn.

You could, though, read through some of the science behind that video. Each video page has comprehensive details on what area of the brain the movement targets, and which challenges it addresses.

Targeted Group Programme: Group Assessment

1. Create a new Group.

The next step of CalmBrain is to create a specific, targeted programme for your class or group.

First, you need to create a Group in CalmBrain. This is a simple as giving the group a name - such as 'Year 2' or 'Foster Family'. You can now access the details for that group whenever you need to.

Next, click the link for New Assessment.

2. Complete Group Assessment.

The complex science engine behind CalmBrain is accessed by you with a simple assessment questionnaire, which takes a minute to complete. You could do it while a CalmBrain video is playing.

After completing the assessment simply click the Save button, and the programme for the group will be created in the background.

3. Play Video from Programme.

A programme is a set of movements. These are presented to you in order of greatest impact, based on the answers provided in the assessment.

Now you can access the programme for that group and select any movement from it. For maximum impact in your group select a video from the programme rather than using the Jukebox.

Concerns About an Individual: Individual Screening

1. Complete a Screening Assessment.

If there is a child you feel may benefit from a more targeted approach you can check whether CalmBrain can help with an individual programme by completing a Screening Assessment.

The Screening Assessment is very quick and easy to complete consisting of just a small number of questions.

2. CalmBrain Coordinator Evaluates Result.

When a Screening Assessment is completed the CalmBrain science engine will calculate whether an individual would benefit from a tailored programme.

Your CalmBrain Coordinator is informed of the results of the screening and can take appropriate action.

3. Create Individual and Set Permissions.

If you proceed with the Individual Programme the individual is added to the system and the permissions of who can access the programme are set.

The targeted individual programme is created behind the scenes and can be access by those people. Individual programmes are usually done one on one.

Targeted Individual Programme: Individual Assessment

1. View Individuals.

You can see a list of all the individuals that you can perform a programme with.

From their details screen you view previous assessments, if there are any, and also create a new one.

Assessments are usually performed termly or half-termly.

2. Complete Individual Assessment.

The individual assessment is more detailed, but is still easy to complete.

When complete the individual programme is created by the software behind the scenes.

3. Play Video from Programme.

The programme contains the set of movements best suited to help the individual.

The videos available on the individual programme are a special type not available on the Jukebox or to groups.

Check Progress: Reporting

1. Report on Individual or Group.

Reporting is a key aspect of the CalmBrain Approach.

The most important reports are those that show the progress of a group or individual as they use the approach, and also highlight where further attention is required.

2. Results of Assessment.

The Assessment Report graphically shows the results of the assessment.

The assessment results are based on the different areas of the brain and corresponding behavioural characteristics.

3. Progress Over Time.

Another important report is the Progress report that compares the results of assessments over time.

Using this report you can see where the gains are being made and which behavioural characteristics need more attention.

About Us

Dr. Sarah Taylor is the creator of CalmBrain®. Sarah is a Clinical Psychologist, with wide ranging experience across a number of areas of clinical practice. This has built on the early years of her career where she was a Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher in primary and special needs education establishments.

Sarah has spent several years extensively researching the combined roles that science, psychology, and physical reflexes have on mental health.

This was borne of a desire to identify the causes behind a well publicised fact that an increasing number of children today experience anxiety, depression and difficulty attending, co-operating and controlling behaviour at school and in the home.

The Development of the CalmBrain® Approach

There is a need for a solution that is more sensitively attuned to a child or adult’s psychological needs.

It is Sarah’s conclusion that a large proportion of individuals will not noticeably benefit from talking therapies. Due to the stresses and pressure of modern life, most children (in particular) do not have fundamental behavioural problems; rather these are often symptoms of the reality that children need to emotionally regulate but do not know how.

Sarah created an approach and assessment programme to meet this challenge, that in design would provide an easily accessible psychological intervention that can be used by, and benefit everyone that uses it.

Sarah is very well supported by the CalmBrain team who have brought her research and this vision to life.


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